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Viewing, presenting, selling, transferring, storing, delivering and returning our products displayed on this site as well as your personal data protection and the security of your transactions are governed by these terms of use, which we invite you to read before you navigate to beefactor.gr and make your purchases.

Your navigation at beefactor.gr as well as making any transaction or communication with our company means the unconditional acceptance of these terms of use by you.

In the event of a dispute or reservation of part or all of these terms, you may send your relevant email to info@beefactor.gr.

Our company reserves the right to modify, renew or upgrade at any time and without prior notice of the user / consumer / visitor / member of beefactor.gr part or all of these terms of use, part or all content of beefactor.gr, part or the entire external appearance, structure or composition of beefactor.gr and its technical specifications.

Also, the Company reserves the right at any time, without justification and without prior notice from the user / consumer / visitor / member of beefactor.gr, to cancel, suspend or terminate the operation of beefactor.gr.

The user / consumer / member of beefactor.gr fully recognizes and accepts all of the above with the sole navigation and / or use of beefactor.gr services.


The online store beefactor.gr shows, promotes and resells the products of the suppliers with whom it cooperates with a non-exclusive and / or exclusive representation relationship.

The Company reserves the right to freely choose the products it promotes at beefactor.gr and to modify, renew and / or withdraw them at any time and without prior notice.

The same applies to its pricing policy, any offers and discounts that it may freely choose, and to modify, renew and / or withdraw without prior notice.


Beefactor.gr is an online store that works with a wide range of suppliers, importers and manufacturers (foreign and domestic) to bring you a wide range of products at the best possible prices.

Therefore, although we take every possible measure for the availability of our products as it appears on beefactor.gr, there is a possibility that a product displayed on beefactor.gr may not be available at all or not available within the delivery time stated on beefactor. gr, for reasons that do not fall within our sphere of influence.

For this reason, and in order to fully inform you and protect you from unpredictable events, the orders are completed as follows:


You can navigate to our online store, choose freely from beefactor.gr the products of your choice and place them in your shopping cart. Then, following the ‘steps’ you indicate at any time, you will need to send your request for order to our company.

In order to better serve you and facilitate your future purchases, on your first order register as a beefactor.gr user by filling in all of your personal information requested in the corresponding registration form.

Then, each time you complete your purchases, you fill in all the details of your ordering request that appear on the order form. All of the items sent to our company fall under the strict Privacy Policy maintained by our Company, collected and processed with complete security and diligence, and only upon your express consent to the delivery of the above form.

In any case, whenever you make a request for an order to our company, you must first accept the present terms of use which govern our trade between us.

By sending your request to order, you will receive an automated message that includes the details of the order that our company will send to you and the e-mail address you have given us.

Your requests are received by us subject to review of the availability of the products included in your order (which takes place after the beginning of the following processing).

At the stage of receiving your request order and automatically viewing the content of your order, your request has not yet been processed by our company.


If your order is shipped from 9:00 to 17:00 on a business day and time (from Monday to Friday), then you will receive a message at the email address that stated that your request is being processed by our company. Otherwise, this message will be received within the next business day.

When processing your request, is checked the availability of all products that includes in your order.

j) If there is availability of all the products included in your request within the delivery time stated in our online store then you will be receive a message to the email address you have stated that will confirm your order and will include all elements of this.

The shipment of the products will then take place based on the delivery schedule of our courier company.

ii) In the event that one of the items you placed in the order is not available or / and a product will be available after the delivery time listed in our online store, then an employee from our customer service department will contact you at phones you have declared in order to arrange for you with any modification, correction, cancellation of your order request.

If it is not possible to communicate with you in this way, you will be sent an e-mail to the email address you have provided us so that you can contact us. If neither communication is possible (for any reason) for 10 days from the order we had received from you , your request will be automatically canceled and you will have to send a new request again to us.

In any case after contacting you, you will be sent to the email address you have declared , your confirmation of your (new) order with all the (new) items it contains.

The shipment of the products will then take place based on the delivery schedule of our courier company.


a) Use / Operation beefactor.gr – Both companies and consumers are bound in good faith and based on fair dealing and commercial use of operation of the website. In order to have correct and complete access to beefactor.gr, JavaScript must be enabled in the browser, as well as the ability to download cookies.

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The user / consumer / visitor / member of beefactor.gr recognizes and accepts that for the use of some of the services of beefactor.gr it may be necessary to download certain upgraded electronic programs to the PC. The Company takes all necessary measures for the continuous and uninterrupted operation of beefactor.gr, but reserves the exclusive right, and the consumer accepts it, to interrupt permanently or temporarily the operation of beefactor.gr with or without notice to users / members and visitors to beefactor.gr.

In any case, the user / consumer / visitor / member undertakes and agrees that they will not use beefactor.gr to send, publish, send by e-mail or otherwise transmit any content that is illegal, harmful, threatening, annoying, defamatory, vulgar, obscene, libelous, is a violation of someone else’s privacy, shows empathy, or raises ethnic, ethnic or other discrimination, can cause harm to minors in any way, is not entitled to be transmitted in accordance with law or contractual or management relationships (such as inside information, proprietary and confidential information obtained or disclosed as part of an employment relationship or covered by confidentiality agreements) violates any patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other proprietary rights of third parties, contains software viruses or any other code, file, or program designed to interrupt, damage, destroy or operate any software or computer hardware intentionally or unintentionally, violates applicable Greek and Community law and regulations her, may interfere with third parties in any way and any content is used to collect or store personal data about other users.

b) Content beefactor.gr – The company is taking all possible care for the correct publication – displaying the information regarding the products it promotes through beefactor.gr.

However, our company is not responsible for possible errors in the operation of the electronic store in the information displayed and appearing (such as the price, availability, photo, kind etc.) that may be due to technological failures – errors, typographical and / or “human” mistakes and / or incorrect information from suppliers, even if they are by negligent.

If you find an error before and / or after the completion of your order, we invite you to send us an e-mail to info@beefactor.gr and / or to contact us by phone.

In any case, if you find an error, we invite you not to send an order request before our company is notified and clarify the issue.

The retail prices of the products are mostly determined by the suppliers. However, our company follows a free pricing policy based on its commercial strategy, always in the framework of the envisaged legislation, in particular the provisions on the protection of competition (fair and unfair).

Therefore, it is possible to find a difference in the prices of products sold at beefactor.gr from other similar products sold at other points of sale, especially since our company makes occasional offers of products or other promotional activities whenever it considers it necessary .

Also, the company reserves the right and the user / consumer / visitor / member of beefactor.gr accepts it, modifies the listed prices and changes and / or withdraws offers at any time with or without prior notice of users / consumers / visitors / members of beefactor.gr.


The entire content of beefactor.gr (except those third-party items, eg copyrights of third parties, affiliates, agencies, etc.) including, but not limited to, texts, photographs, designs, commercial and financial data, programs, all kinds of files, trademarks / logos, the layout of beefactor.gr etc are the intellectual property of the company and is protected by the relevant provisions of Greek law, European and applicable international conventions, intellectual property.

Under no circumstances should their appearance and display at beefactor.gr be construed as transferring and / or licensing and / or the right to use them. Based on the above,it is expressly forbidden, total or partial to copy, distribute, transfer, process, store, reproduce, republish, modification and any related action on the foregoing without the express prior written consent of the Company.

Otherwise, the above actions may constitute an infringement of the intellectual / industrial property rights of the company, which reserves the right to claim any positive and consequential damages incurred to it in accordance with the provisions of the current legislation and the applicable law.

The user / consumer / visitor / member of beefactor.gr accepts and acknowledges that the company has the ability to commercially (by itself or by third parties) commercialize all of the data displayed on beefactor.gr and to modify these data at any time wishes with or without prior notice from users / consumers / visitors / members of beefactor.gr.


Beefactor.gr may contain references to web sites for the content and services of which the company has no responsibility nor does it guarantee their continued and secure accessibility.

Therefore, for any problem encountered during the visit / use of these websites, the user / visitor to apply directly to the respective websites, which also have and the sole responsibility for remedying this problem.

The company should not in any way be deemed to accept or adopt the content or services of the websites and pages to which it refers or links to them in any way. Any problem that may arise during the visit of the websites, the sole responsible is the manager / owner of this website.


a) Applicable law

Any dispute that may arise with regard to the operation and use of the site, if the consensual settlement is not possible, the courts of the city of Trikala are competent.

For any dispute regarding the interpretation and application of these terms and conditions and any other matter concerning the use of beefactor.gr, Greek law is applicable.

b) Invalidity of a term – If any of the aforementioned terms are or become invalid, the other terms of this Convention shall not be affected.

c) Modification of Terms of Use – These Terms of Use may be modified at any time by the Company with or without prior notice. Any changes to the terms apply by posting them at beefactor.gr

d) Headings – The headings used in these Terms of Use are intended to facilitate the referral in its terms and are not a means of interpreting the Contract.

(e) Delay in proceed a right – Any delay in the exercise by the parties (company and consumer) of part or all of the rights deriving from these terms shall not result in a weakening or waiving of this right, which may be proceed at any time at a later stage fair judgment of the beneficiary.

f) Acceptance of terms – The user / consumer / visitor / member of beefactor.gr declares that he has read the present terms and accepts them as a whole and that he acknowledges that they govern all the services provided by beefactor.gr throughout the navigation to / transaction with beefactor.gr.